Monday, January 23, 2012

Blazing the Trail

One of my favorite fashion pieces is the blazer. The blazer is very versatile and can make any outfit a little more chic. Layering pieces to vary up your wardrobe is a simple step to take, and adding a jacket or blazer is a perfect finishing touch. Blazers can dress up jeans, look sophisticated with dress pants, and make a dress a little more layered and chic. One of the reason I love to wear blazers is because its still a way to look professional while not losing your youth. Check out a couple of these looks.
dressing up jeans
layered with a dress
colored blazer
So there are many ways you can blaze the trail with some lovely blazers. I love the different colored blazers that are out now, they put a punch of color in any outfit and are so much fun to pair with dress pants.
The one no-no with blazers, I must say, is shoulder pads. A little bit of one to give shape is alright, but lets not revisit the eighties with football size shoulder pads. :-)


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