Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fashion and Spring Forward

Fashion is always looking forward, and in retail this means that Spring is already here. We get bombarded with different looks to try out in this season. Bright colors come back out and a lot of fresh, off the runway looks start to look more appealing to us. However...something I will always say and stick firmly by, is that just because something is "trendy" or "in fashion" it does NOT mean that everyone can or should wear it. Lets be honest, I love the look of the textured skinny jeans but I know better than to try to pull them off on my size 12 frame..yea I know my limits. Having said this, I DO think that you should give new things a try. Don't write off a maxi dress because you think you are too short for it, you may surprise yourself. In this season of trying new things, I want to discuss and highlight what I think is really in this Spring.

1. Nautical Stripes- OK, so stripes are pretty much always in, in my opinion, but Spring opens up a really fun time to try out the nautical look. Also you can play up so many different colors of stripes and solids this season. For example,  a bright green tee and a navy and white striped scarf with a cool cuffed boyfriend jean and your favorite pair of Sperrys. Voila! A relaxed, fresh weekend outfit!

2.Animal Print- I know, I know..and trust me you HAVE to be careful with this one..small doses go a long way. If it scares you too much try throwing on a pair of leopard print flats or zebra print skinny belt, you will start to see how the prints can give a much needed pop to any outfit.

3. Color!- Pull some color into your wardrobe this year! colorblocking is in and is a fun way to add two unexpected colors together at the same time. My favorite? the fuschia and red combo top I snagged at XX1 for $18..I pair it with fuschia and gold accessories and my black dress pants, which makes for a not so boring work outfit :-)

My goal with these tips and highlights is to show you that these are things that can be worked in to any outfit. Work, weekend or going out. Its fun to play up your wardrobe, especially when you have a whole new season of colors to play with. Have fun! and please let me know of any other ideas you had with your own outfits or off the run way looks that you have made your own!

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