Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crazy Stripes and Brights

O.K. folks...I looove all the color we are seeing! Neon lights and brights are everywhere!

 Now don't get me wrong, I have a mad love affair with my basic black. I wear this color more than any other, especially for work. However, it can get boring and overdone. I have written before about adding pops of color and the enormous impact that can have on your outfit, but those are baby steps and I love that this spring and summer is all about jumping right into the neon colored pool.
Take a chance! Not everyone can pull off the bright yellow (sometimes it won't mesh with your skin tone and you can look jaundice) but play up the other brights that are all over this season. Here are the basic neon hues that are gracing us this year: Pink (both Hot Pink and Fuschia) Orange (Tangerine!) Yellow (Caution Sign yellow lol) Blue (one of my new loves) and Green (I even saw some bright green jeggings..might not pull that off) Which ever your color, just go for it! Heres a tip. If brights scare you, try integrating them in with another hot trend this year: stripes. For example Gap has this adorable and versatile top that can be dressed up or down.
So how easy is that? Not so scary right? :-)

As I said before stripes are also being seen everywhere, and its not just in the neons. Nautical stripes are easy "ready wears" that you can pair with anything at anytime. Try stripes in muted grays, blues, blacks, or reds. Mixing patterns can be cute too, just don't go crazy.
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