Monday, February 13, 2012

Put a Spring in your Step..My Chic of the Week

I post a lot of high heels on here because honestly, I just love them. Heels give me the height that I was not genetically blessed with and the add glamor to what could otherwise be a boring outfit. However, I do have a special spot in my heart for the adorable flats. Ballets, open-toed, or the new city flats can really make an outfit with out making you uncomfortable. This Spring there are a lot of flats out in bright hues and in fun patterns that can make a dress and tights absolutely adorable, and jeans and a t-shirt fresh but feminine. Here are some of my favorites:
Pretty Bow Flats
City Flats
Bright Colors

If comforts your #1 in fashion then fun, fresh and feminine flats are just for you! Its easy to see why I choose this shoe for this weeks Chic of the Week. Enjoy!

<3 B

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